Let me introduce to the Sudoku Board Puzzle. The game is most famous around the world and is played by so many people daily.


The game developed can be played by both sighted and VI person. It consists of a wooden board and partition between the nine blocks (each block consisting of 9 holes).  There are a total of 90 coins provided (81 coins for game and 9 extra). Each coin has the digit symbol as well as Braille (as shown in the picture). Coin of each number is in different color.


In a Sudoku puzzle some of the numbers are initially fixed, so when a VI person plays the game how would be come to know that which particular coin was originally fixed? This problem is solved by providing a pin in the coin. The pin when pushed from the bottom comes up on to the surface of the coin, by which the person can feel the difference between this and the other coin.




Sudoku Puzzle Book


We also provide a Sudoku puzzle book. This book is in Braille and is spiral bounded.


The book consists of 100 puzzles - 50 easy, 30 medium & 20 hard. The solutions are provided for the same.


As shown in picture the design of Sudoku puzzle in the book is same as of the board provided. i.e. 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines are similar to raised partitions provided in the board.